Change of website!

hi i changed my website to this:

Sorry Tumblr. I love you but I needed some other features. xo.

navajo easter eggs.

Sneak peek at Easter cookies. More on the way! xoxo

If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.
Julia Child

Hi. My name is Emily and I like to make cookies and other stuff. I always thought blogs were for really fancy people, so now I guess I am really fancy. Grey Poupon (snobby voice)? Bottom line, I learned that blogs are free. FREE? I didn’t know! I am really cheap and incredibly excited to bore people with my obsessive dessert rants and ravings. WARNING: I am bad at technology, so who knows what will happen on this cookie adventure. I apologize in advance for my poor photography skills and also for my bad grammar. So to start, I am posting a few past projects. Stay tuned for new posts! If I disappear for a long time at various points, don’t worry I didn’t abandon cookies OR you. Sometimes, I get crazy busy, but I will always come back! xoxo